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Best Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

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Reviews for Lucid Mattresses are above average overall. Considering they are known for their extraordinarily low prices compared with competitors, that’s probably not all that surprising. Comparing the features they offer, there isn’t a huge difference. While they don’t offer an in-home trial period like some mattress companies, a great price complimented by their 20-year warranty is hard to resist.Check customer reviews

The biggest difference between the Lucid mattresses and other comparable memory foam mattresses is the foam density. Lucid uses either 3 or 4 pound memory foam density depending on which size you choose. Some research will tell you that anything lower than 5 pound density isn’t as luxurious. While the higher density does represent more product (foam) being used per square inch, it really depends on your body weight how comfortable the bed will be at what density. If you’re a relatively small person, then a 3 pound density bed may still feel firm and support you just like a 5 pound density bed would support a larger person. It’s important to do your research and, if possible, test out the bed prior to purchase.



Reduces pain and stiffness by comforting pressure points (shoulders, hips, neck, knees)
Quilted zip-off cover is anti-microbial and anti-dust mite – easy to remove and launder
Memory foam allows air-flow which keeps the mattress cool
Naturally mold and bacteria resistant
Individual Mattress Details

8 inch consists of 2 layers: 2 inches of 3lb density memory foam, and a 6 inch layer of high-density polyurethane foam as a base
10 inch consists of 2 layers: 2.5 inches of 3lb density memory foam, and a 7.5 inch layer of high-density polyurethane foam as a base
12 inch consists of 3 layers: 2 inches of 4lb density memory foam, 2 inches of 3lb density memory foam, and a 8 inch layer of high-density polyurethane foam as the base


20-Year Warranty
Very little motion transfer
Inexpensive compared to similar quality competitor’s product
Improves sleep by correctly aligning the natural curves of your spine, neck and shoulders
memory foam is resistant to allergens so it’s beneficial to those with allergies or that have asthma


Odd chemical smell upon opening – common but still not well received with consumers
12 inch mattress doesn’t expand fully (measures one half inch shy of 12)
Some sizes have been reported to not match (larger by 1-2 inches) traditional size frames (standard and twin)

Sleep Innovations

There is no denying the Sleep Innovation mattresses are popular. A quick scan of their reviews on Amazon will tell you that. Surprisingly, the Sleep Innovation two-layer construction is not weak, if anything, it’s too firm for some customers. Their moderately priced SureTemp selection offers a larger base foundation than most comparable brands with a “Comfort Layer” on top – all comprised of lower density foam than most of its competitors.Check customer reviews

With a decent variety of models to choose from plus a 20-year limited manufacturer’s warranty, there is good reason for Sleep Innovation to have the popularity it does. According to customers there is a potential for degradation after the first three years which is a little on the fair to low side for these type of mattresses. From statistics viewed, this looks like it would be a good mattress for someone looking for one in the firm to very firm range due to the larger than average base on the majority of their mattress models. However, user experience of different brands of memory foam mattresses will vary widely as their body weight, shape and how much heat their body radiates works in unison with the mattresses density and firmness.

Sleep Innovations


Memory foam is naturally antimicrobial so it’s resistant to dust mites and other allergens
This product is made in the USA
Promotes more comfortable sleep due to less pressure on your spine and pressure points
Minimal motion transfer so you won’t wake your partner
Individual Mattress Details

The Sleep Innovation “Sleep Collection” offers dual layer support as follow:

9.5 in base / 2.5 inch SureTemp memory foam plush top layer = 12 inch
7 inch base / 3 inch SureTemp memory foam plush top layer = 10 inch
6 inch base / 2 inch SureTemp memory foam plush layer = 8 inch
Three pound density viscoelastic foam in top layer and two pound density foam used in base layer

Mattress cover for this line is made of 62-percent polyester and 38-percent cotton


Deeper sleep = better overall health
Manufacturer 20-year limited warranty
Relief from muscle and joint pain that spring mattress often aggravate
Memory foam helps users sleep more comfortably with a more natural spinal alignment

Many customers advice mattress is too firm/uncomfortably firm
Manufactured with 3 pound low-density memory foam and 2 pound base foam
Additional Tips

If you or your partner snores, you might want to consider trying a memory foam pillow as well. Some studies show that memory foam neck pillows can not only reduce snoring in some subjects but sometimes relieve snoring all together.

Sealy mattress

The Embody line by Sealy is known for its specially designed air flow technology. This ensures the user has a more consistent sleep cycle because the temperature does not elevate by accumulating body heat. No other foam mattress has this technology. Their cover is also exclusive that utilizes fabrics by Polartec®. It’s reported the foam and cover together make this mattress more “breathable” than any other leading memory foam bed.Compare customer reviews

While it’s worth noting that physical therapist Roger Herr stated in an interview at that memory foam is good for “people with joint sensitivity due to arthritis or other conditions”, users should be aware that memory foam’s benefits are directly related to a user’s body heat, weight and the temperature around them. If the area where the mattress is kept is kept cold, the bed will feel hard when first used. It should gradually soften as long as the user has enough body heat and weight to offset the room temperature. Also, if a room is kept warm, the user may feel overly warm because of the reduced air circulation around their body due to increased depth of their body into the foam.

Sealy mattress


Manufactured with hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and dust mite-resistant memory foam that contains no CFCs
Supports proper spine alignment for decreased discomfort and reduced movement
Minimal motion transfer
Full zip-off mattress cover made from “Body Climate” fabric by Polartec®, designed to remove moisture to ensure a dry, anti-microbial sleep surface
Optional Embody steel foundation available in a 9 inch standard height or 5 inch low profile size
Individual Mattress Details

This line comes in four different styles.

Level 1 – Introspection = 10 Inch Height
Base Layer = 7 inches of high-density poly core
First Layer = 2.5 inches of 5 pound weight memory foam
Second Layer = 0.5 inches of 2.5 pound weight ventilated memory foam
Level 2 – Motivation = 11 Inch Height
Base Layer = 7 inches of high-density poly core
First Layer = 3.5 inches of 5 pound weight memory foam
Second Layer = 0.5 inches of 2.5 pound ventilated memory foam
Level 3 – Prophecy = 11 Inch Height
Base Layer = 5.75 inches of foam for core stability
First Layer = 1 inch of 7 pound memory foam
Second and Third Layers = Two 1-inch layers of 4 pound memory foam
Fourth Layer = 2 inches of 5 pound memory foam
Fifth and Sixth Layers = Two 0.5 inch layers of 2.5 pound ventilated memory foam
Edge support = 4.5 inches of solid foam

Level 4 – Stillness = 12.25 Inch Height
Base Layer = 5.75 inches of foam for core stability
First Layer = 4 inches of 5 pound memory foam
Second Layer = 2 inches of 7 pound memory foam
Third Layer = 0.5 inches of 2.5 pound ventilated memory foam
Edge support = 4.5 inches of solid foam

Sarah Peyton

The Sarah Peyton foam mattress is part of an ever-growing discount memory foam mattress line. While many of the aspects mirror many popular brands, decreased back pain, value-priced, and hypoallergenic, they have their own special money-saving qualities such as not requiring their users to purchase a platform bed. These mattresses state they can be used on regular box springs thus saving more money for its customers.Check price here

Amid the glowing reviews, you’ll also find the not-so-glowing ones. A common complaint among numerous owners of the Sarah Peyton mattresses is mattress sag. The memory foam on some models appears not to regain its original shape as well as some of its competitors. While one might immediately assume this is due to a low foam density, that doesn’t seem to be the case. The ability to react the way a top quality foam mattress should results from its depth and number of layers. Clearly the Sarah Peyton mattresses will fare better with lighter individuals with smaller frames while heavier, taller individuals may find this mattress lacking considerably.

Sarah Peyton


Memory foam reduces pain by supporting pressure points
Contains “Cool Flow” layer that releases heat to keep user cool
Zippered Aloe Vera treated cover included
Mattress can be used with box springs or platform bed
100% hypoallergenic memory foam, mold and mildew resistant
Individual Mattress Details

Mattress models* contain multi-layers as described below:

10 inch contains a 4.5 inch high density polyurethane foam base, 3 inch foam support layer, and a 2.5 inch memory foam layer. Product size: 80 x 60 x 10 inches
8 inch contains a 3 inch high density polyurethane foam base, 3 inch foam support layer, and a 2 inch memory foam layer. Product size: 75 x 38 x 8 inches
*Other model sizes may be available but are not listed due to very limited information


Reduces back pain by cradling the user aligning the spine
Convenient removable mattress cover
Uses 4 pound density foam
Able to use existing box spring and frame
Hypoallergenic nature of memory foam great for people with allergies

Sizing doesn’t match dimensions described
Persistent chemical odor associated with memory foam
Mattress has been reported to not return to normal size after sleeping and has large dips in the mattress after just a few months
Some mattresses never achieve full size after unpacking no matter how long you wait
No listed warranty
Limited information about product

Night Therapy

Heralded on their website as the “Most advanced memory foam sleep system”, the Night Therapy mattress brand is popular, so popular that it’s almost impossible to find any negative aspects. One of their most unique features is their “Sleep Green” campaign that describes their technique of combining natural elements such as Green Tea and Active Charcoal with their memory foam to control moisture and eliminate odor.Check price here

Night Therapy


5 different sizes available, some available in a set with SmartBase™ steel bed frame (includes headboard hardware & bed skirt)
Their memory foam is interspersed with Green Tea, Active Charcoal, and Natural Oil which reduces the use of chemical oils, which minimizes growth of bacteria in a more organic way
Due to the unique “Sleep Green” technology, Night Therapy memory foam mattresses do not retain the “chemical smell” longer than 48 hours
Individual Mattress Details

Mattress models contain multi-layers as described below:

14 inch* contains a dual layer 3.5/3.25 inch high density base (supportive layers), 3.75 inch “SuperSoft” foam (Pressure Relief System), 2.5 inch memory foam layer, and top layer consists of 1 inch Cool Foam™ covered with a premium quilted beige cover mixed with bamboo rayon
13 inch* contains a 5 inch high density body core base (supportive layer), 3.5 inch ventilated Cool Foam™ (the Pressure Relief System), 3 inch memory foam layer, 1.5 inch super plush foam, covered with luxurious micro fiber padding all wrapped up in premium poly-jacquard cover mixed with bamboo rayon
12 inch* contains a 6 inch high density base (supportive layer), 3 inches of “SuperSoft” foam (Pressure Relief System), 2 inch memory foam layer, and top layer consists of 1 inch Cool Foam™with a microfiber layer to resist heat covered with a premium quilted beige cover mixed with bamboo rayon
10 inch contains a 5 inch high density foam base for durability, 3 inch memory foam layer, dual 1 inch super soft layers, the final one covered with quilted bamboo rayon & polyester fabric cover
8 inch contains a 4 inch high density foam base for stability, 2 inch memory foam layer, 2 inch super soft layer, covered with a white poly-jacquard fabric cover\


10-Year warranty on mattress and 5-Year warranty on base (not always sold together)
Inexpensive – Good value for the money
Mattress are manufactured with 45% recycled materials
Mattress available separately or in complete sets with steel base bedframe that assembles in minutes (no tools required)
Cool Foam™ is environmentally friendly and helps to control moisture organically
Lightweight compared to similar competitor models
Low motion transfer reported


Higher cost than some traditional spring mattresses
Manufactured with 3 pound low-density foam

Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Mattress 2

Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Mattress – What Is All BUZZ About?

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The amount of sleep you get plays a big part on your health, and we all know health is something money can’t buy. This is why investing on the Sleep Innovations 12-inch Sure Temp Memory Foam Mattress is a great way to keep your health in check. There are mattresses out there that can be extremely costly, but you don’t have to worry because with the great deal being offered now you can get this product for a great price! The best part is it offers the same comfort and health benefits as any other expensive mattress.

Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Mattress 2

Let’s Take a Look At The Features:
[ Note: This Just A Quick Summary List….For A Full Feature List Click Here]
Memory foam used is antimicrobial and is resistant to dust mites
Memory foam is manufactured in the USA
Mattress is built-in with a fire retardant barrier
Mattress is vacuum-packed when shipped. Allot 48-hours for full expansion.
Mattress measurements are: 60-inch X 80-inch X 12-inch

Here Are Some Great Benefits of Owning A Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Mattress:
With the antimicrobial and dust mite resistant feature, this top quality memory foam mattress is ideal for all individuals including those that suffer from allergies or asthma.
The fire retardant barrier feature will eliminate any risks of the mattress burning making it a lot safer than a regular mattress.
Manufactured in the USA, there is no need to worry about quality.

Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Mattress

Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Mattress Owner’s Experience and Impressions:
Certainly you can’t please everyone, but with many positive Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Mattress Reviews, it can be said that this mattress has created quite a buzz amongst consumers. One of the things that most consumers can’t get over is the fact that the Sleep Innovations 12-inch Sure Temp Memory Foam Mattress offers the same comfort as any other costly mattress at a much cheaper deal. How could anyone resist that?
Most users have expressed that this Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Mattress offers the right support and firmness allowing them to experience a good night’s sleep. Some have even said that sleeping on this mattress feels like an absolute dream. Although there are some individuals that claim that the mattress is too firm for them, but this problem is easily solved with a Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Mattress Topper. Most consumers have reported that sleeping on this mattress has eliminated any sores and aches on their body.
Certainly some users had concerns about how this mattress will be transported and how it will fit through their doors. Well just like any quality mattress, the Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Mattress Queen is vacuum packed making it easy to transport to your home. Once opened it take about 48 hours to fully expand to its proper form and size but many find it has been worth the wait. The thing is many have complained about a chemical smell coming from the mattress. They have found that keep the room ventilated and airing out the mattress will eliminate the smell in a few days to a couple of weeks.
The cooling feature of the Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Mattress Deluxe also seemed like a problem for some. There are a few who complained about the mattress getting too hot during warm weather. But at the same time there are also users who rave about the cooling feature and are completely comfortable even in the summer months. The important thing is that many have been sleeping soundly again with the help of this Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Mattress.
Only good things are being said about the Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Mattress, feel free to check out real people’s reviews …

King Koil Mattresses

Offering Support For Your Spine: King Koil Mattresses

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There is absolutely no more important period for the back than at night. It is true simply due to the fact we spend a third of our time in bed, but in addition because we’re generally stuck in a particular position for a long period of time, with gravity working in a different way compared to as standing. Because of this the position that we lie down in can play a huge part in exactly how our back feels. However, the position we rest in is dependent mainly on the kind of mattress we sleep on.

An extremely soft, unsupported mattress may have your back arching in a odd position which could trigger back pain along with other problems. A lot of support (a flat, hard bed) likewise will not permit your body to lie in a natural position that results in your backbone in a straight line. Locating the best kind of mattress to support your back is often difficult, however there are several brands available that are dedicated to precisely that kind of mattress.

King Koil Mattresses 2

King Koil is a mattress company that’s been in existence for more than a hundred years. It’s always had the sleeper’s back as its emphasis from the beginning. As a matter of fact, it is termed as King Koil Spine Support.

Because of its name, King Koil mattresses make use of high quality innerspring technologies, a firm edge as well as special foams to offer the ultimate support and comfort for your back, as well as the rest of your body, also. Presently there is just one innerspring mattress collection that is endorsed by the Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research and that’s, you got it, King Koil!

King Koil as a organization has grew through the years and now operates in several countries all over the world. They make use of high quality materials and the workmanship that has been developed and enhanced for more than a century. What this means is constant quality.

King Koil Mattresses

Often when you hear about an excellent product, particularly one which involves your quality of life, you already know you are in for a large cost. You’d think this might definitely be the case with a mattress, most likely your most significant item of furnishings. However, King Koil offers quality minus the high price.

Because of its endorsement and its track record of high quality and usefulness in back support, King Koil Mattresses is really a leading contender for all those searching for a mattress to help enhance their health. Particularly considering that it’s not just your back that’s effected whenever your spine isn’t aligned properly, it’s worthwhile to think about obtaining a mattress that will work for your back, as it will likely be best for your overall sense of health also.

If you wish to do something good for your health and most especially for those who have difficulties with your back or even headache issues, King Koil mattresses may be just the thing you need to get the type of sleep that can really make a difference for you.

Mattress Delivery

Mattress Delivery, A Necessity

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At one point or another I’m sure you have seen someone driving down the street with a large item tied down to the rooftop of the vehicle? A massive, large, limber mattress, possibly? It is quite a site, and one which the majority of us wouldn’t prefer to replicate on our own. Luckily, most companies provide mattress delivery which means this is not an issue.

If you have ever had to turn your mattress (as you most definitely have) you’re conscious that they’re extremely heavy as well as difficult to move. Also, they are somewhat floppy, meaning that this great weight and substantial item is very difficult to move. Rotating it is one thing, however getting it from a store into your house and on your bed frame is really a million times harder!

Mattress Delivery

Whenever you buy a new mattress, unless you get lucky and possess a big pickup truck, you’ll certainly want that mattress delivered to your house. Delivery guys will have a lot more experience in transporting it around and you can prevent bringing the soil of the traffic into your home (and then sleeping on it).

Regardless if you are buying your mattress on the internet or in a store, you certainly need to find out about the delivery policy before you purchase. You do not want to begin with your purchase with the aggravation of extra charges or, even worse, finding out you need to do the moving by yourself.

As previously mentioned, most companies have a delivery policy. Occasionally you pay a very high fee for delivery of the mattress, which may well be a 100 dollars or even more.

Often companies have promotions or even specials and offer free delivery. This can be a major bonus and ought to be taken advantage of. This might even permit you to consider upgrading to a far better mattress with the cash you will save on delivery.

Additionally, before you decide to have your mattress delivered, learn about the return policy. Make sure that you are able to unwrap the mattress prior to the delivery folks leaving and determine that your mattress doesn’t have flaws. You do not want to use the delivery service if it means that you cannot see the mattress before you decide to accept it, as you would had you been bringing it home yourself.

With a mattress delivery you stay away from the headaches associated with finding transport and somebody that will help you move the mattress, getting it to and from the vehicle and into your house. This really is just the kind of work best left to the experts!

After you have had your mattress delivered you will need only make your bed and lay on it. And it can be done without having thrown your back out to get it there. If you plan to haul your mattress on your own you should make certain it’s a memory foam or some other back aligning one to help repair your back following the stress associated with moving it!

Memory Foam Mattress Topper 3

Memory Foam Mattress Topper

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Human beings need to sleep, in comfort and regularly. Did you know that if you stay awake for 17 consecutive hours that your body reacts as if you were slightly drunk? Or that one in six car accidents are thought to be the direct result of being sleepy? Canadian statisticians have found that car accidents drop in the fall when the entire country gets to sleep in for an hour. Sleep is a serious business.

So, we need our sleep; that much is clear. Creating a comfortable space, a bed that lulls you into a delicious state of slumber, may help you catch the full forty winks that will put a spring in your step during waking hours. And you don’t have to buy an outrageously priced bed to get proper sleep. A memory foam mattress topper does the job, and fits directly on the bed that you have now.

Memory Foam Mattress Topper 3

Types of Mattress Toppers

There are several types of mattress toppers available in the market:

Memory Form

While these different types of mattress toppers have their own pros and cons, the memory foam type of mattress topper is the most popular. It provides the most support, and it helps to relieve tension for those with muscle or joint pain.

Memory Foam Mattress Topper 2

What is a memory foam?

Memory foam comes to us from the brilliant and scientific minds of NASA. It is polyurethane that has been treated so that it becomes denser and easier to mold. You may have seen photographs of memory foam, or video clips. A typical demonstration of how this material works is to show a hand pressing down on it; when the hand is lifted, a perfect indention in its shape is left behind.

How does memory foam help up to sleep?

A memory foam mattress or mattress topper absorbs your physical body. Imagine that you are off to bed in a few moments. You lay down on your mattress and it remains solid below you. You may shift about a little, to get cozy and comfortable. Right? Now imagine that you’ve a new memory foam mattress topper. Instead of feeling a flat and solid surface beneath you, you will feel yourself sink into the memory foam, just a little. The sensation is closer to floating than meeting physical resistance.

This quality of memory foam, that it moves with the contours of your body, means that it reduces that tension that occurs between your body and a mattress with a hard surface. The tension that can have you tossing and struggling for several minutes before you find a comfortable position. This flexibility of memory foam can be especially important for sufferers of arthritis or physical injuries.

Foam Memory Mattress Topper

Does a memory foam mattress topper act in the same way as a memory foam mattress?

The topper is placed directly over your mattress, providing a solid base of memory foam between your body and the surface of your mattress. Anecdotal evidence suggests that it is quite difficult to distinguish a memory foam mattress topper from a memory foam mattress. This is welcome news as while the bed requires a hefty investment, while the topper does not.

What do medical professionals have to say?

The study of sleep is a fairly recent endeavor and there have not been conclusive studies connecting memory foam to healthful rest. Though a Dr. Gromer at the Minnesota Sleep Center has said that if a lack of sleep is caused by physical discomfort, memory foam may provide relief and rest. The National Sleep foundation has said that when back pain prevents sleep, memory foam may be one remedy.

We all get to sleep in different ways, finding a comfortable space that works for you is most important.

To wrap up

It is not possible to overestimate the importance of getting regular sleep. A lack of sleep has been identified as being casually related to all manners of physical ailments, including depression, obesity, workplace accidents, driving accidents, heart disease, diabetes, headaches and, yes, even death.

If you are working on improving your health, do not neglect sleep. Taking time to sleep well will benefit you in the short and long term. Take a moment to think about your bed. Is it comfortable? Do you fall asleep with ease, without tossing about trying to find a spot that feels right? If your bed is not comfortable, a memory foam mattress topper may be the affordable option that will transform it into a peaceful physical space that you will look forward to at the end of a long day.